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Claudio Composti

Via Malaga 4
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Open: From Wednesday to Saturday
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14 February 2017 - 24 March 2017

Lisette Model
curated by Claudio Composti
mc2gallery is proud to present you the solo show of Lisette Model (Vienna 1901-NY 1983)

Thursday 14th February 2017
6.30 PM
An American photographer known for her unconventional “street” shots and her ruthlessly candid portraits.

Via Malaga, 4
20143 Milano


Lisette Model

She was a teacher too and she bacame an inspiration for a whole generation of young photographers,most notably Diane Arbus. The astonishing “Promenade des Anglais”,settled in the road that runs along the seafront in Nice,is one of her portaits’ series realized in 1934 that stand out for its unique and direct style.She was very attentive to the body’s posture and to the physical gestures that reveal a specific social status.These close-up portraits of the local rich class,draw attention to the vanity,uncertainty and loneliness of people and characterize the unique style of Lisette Model. After her first artistic period in France, Lisette moved to New York and the Big Apple became the background of some of her most famous series like “Reflections”,in which she captures the multi-dimensionality of the city,as reflected in shop windows,often along the fabled Fifth Avenue.She was inspired by the easy café of the Lower East Side too, where she spent most of her time taking pictures of the almost-insane pace of the city.These shots will become part of the series “Running Legs”. Her photographs mark themselves for the deep black,but nevertheless she empasizes all the details,creating an uncompromising realism. She lingers over the wrinkles of a woman with make up who hides herself with a cap, over the rings of the hands or over the body’s fragility that reveals itself by the dress look. Lisette Model earned a prominent position in the so called Street Photography of the New York’s scene of the 1940s.She initiated a spontaneous and immediate photographic style that captures a reality of continuos changes, realizing a grotesque pictures' gallery of really humane portraits. << I just picked up a camera without any kind of ambition to be good or bad. And especially without any ambition to make a living... My whole freedom working in photography comes because I say to myself, “Let’s see what is going on in this world. Let’s find out. How do these people look?”>> L. Model

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