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Vincenzo Maccarone

Direttore Artistico
Claudio Composti

Via Malaga 4
20143 Milano
citofono 72

How to reach us:
MM2 Romolo - P.ta Genova (green line)
+ bus 74 - 47 (stop: P.za Bilbao);
Filobus 90/91 (stop: viale Cassala)

tel/fax +39 02 87280910
E-mail: mc2gallery@gmail.com

Open: From Wednesday to Saturday
Hours: 15-19
06 May 2014 - 23 May 2014


curated by Claudio Composti

Tuesday 6 May 2014
opening h: 18.30
in collaboration with ACADEMY NOW London

Via Malaga 4 - 20143 Milano
citofono 72 - Come raggiungerci: Metro Linea 2 P.ta Genova + bus 74/47 (Stop P.za Bilbao)


Nicolas Feldmeyer was born 1980 in Switzerland. After his MSc in architecture in Zurich, he studied Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute. In 2012, Feldmeyer obtained an MFA with distinction at the Slade School of Fine Art in London, where we discovered his contemplative work on nature and material. Feldmeyer seems to take his time to look at things around him and reveals to the viewer an unexpected beauty and allegory within objects, some of which he just finds in his kitchen. Inspired by classical architecture, taoism and conceptual art, his work explores the notions of transformation and time, and the dialogue between the artificial and the natural. Using a subtle aesthetic and architectural compositions, he delves into the physicality of material and landscape through different mediums such as video, collage, print and installation.

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mc2gallery mc2gallery mc2gallery


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Via Malaga 4, 20143 Milano - ITALIA

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