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Vincenzo Maccarone

Direttore Artistico
Claudio Composti

Via Malaga 4
20143 Milano
citofono 72

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Open: From Wednesday to Saturday
Hours: 15-19
20 November 2012 - 31 January 2013

Lamberto Teotino
Sistema di riferimento monodimensionale
curated by Claudio Composti and Dopmenico De Chirico

Tuesday 20 november 2012
texts by Domenico de Chirico e Alessandro Trabucco /partner : DROME Magazine

Viale Col di Lana 8- 4° cortile
20136 Milano

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Sistema di riferimento monodimensionale” di Lamberto Teotino

The sistema di riferimento monodimensionale (one-dimensional coordinate system) which gives its name to the title of the project, is a theorem invented by Rene Descartes ( La Haye en Touraine, March 31, 1596 - Stockholm, February 11, 1650). He was a French philosopher and mathematician, considered one of the greatest founders of modern philosophy and father of modern mathematics, is considered one of the largest and most influential intellectual in human history. We consider the reference system, the set of references used to locate the position of an object in space, consisting of a straight line, on which an object is constrained to move. Depending on the number of references, we can talk about: · one-dimensional coordinate system (1D) · two-dimensional coordinate systems (2D) · three-dimensional coordinate systems (3D) The research of the project relates not so much on the analysis of the algebraic theorem, but try to reformulate the antithesis between science and paranormal phenomenon in which, through a clear action digital, defined as a leak of picture, the movement takes shape on the space of Cartesian axis. So, it determine a visual result in which only a specific portion (along a straight line) of the picture disappears, while the rest of the space, in this case a photographic space, remains unchanged. The image freezes, it is subjected to a deviation (a loss of temporality) and the suspended axis in the "photographic scene", along which the picture disappears, becomes the third element, the one-dimensional element that closes the "The Devil's Triangle" in conjunction with the physical / visual three-dimensional of user, the two-dimensional of the photography and then the 1D is our one-dimensional coordinate system. The project consists of approximately 20 photographic works in b / w and presents vintage pictures taken from digital archives. Lamberto Teotino

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