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Vincenzo Maccarone

Direttore Artistico
Claudio Composti

Via Malaga 4
20143 Milano
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Open: From Wednesday to Saturday
Hours: 15-19
27 July 2010 - 29 August 2010

Roberto Coda Zabetta
Curated by Claudio Composti

Tuesday 27th July 2010
18:30 - 21:00
in collaboration with: Comune di Milano and mc2gallery, catalogue 24Ore Cultura, Special Video by Eikoh hosoe

Palazzo Reale
P.za Duomo 1
20121 Milano


Sacred Clouds

At 65 years after the launch of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Milan presents at the Royal Palace, the exhibition of contemporary artist Roberto Coda Zabetta titled "Clouds SACRE, sponsored by the Culture of the Municipality of Milan, produced and organized by Palazzo Reale in collaboration with mc2gallery and edited by Claudio Composti. From the artist's deep connection with the East and his painting characterized by shards of white and black, was born this project with 15 new large paintings, with whom Roberto Coda Zabetta, remembers the human folly and returns to its vision of the tragedy that marked the Japan, the 6 August 1945. "The clouds are that poetic, mysterious and evanescent thing, which may take the forms of destruction and tragic explosion. - Said the Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Milan Massimiliano Finazzer Flory - Against the backdrop of the memory of Hiroshima and Nagasaki pictorial survey returns repeatedly to the same reason, on that "mushroom cloud" bearer of death and defeat. Coda Zabetta depicts since ever Faces disfigured or deformed, the expression of an ancestral cry, that now takes a turn toward a form of a gigantic cloud that bursts onto the canvas. " "CLOUDS SACRE" is the title that the artist has chosen for this new cycle of works. Since years, Coda Zabetta paints faces screaming, made by informal gestures, outlined by color rather than smooth edges. In this explosion of black and white, you can probably find the anticipation of new work in which the fragments of color take the form of ominous mushroom clouds. "he had the inspiration after a trip to Japan - Says the curator of the exhibition Claudio Composti - Then in the Marches, had the suggestion from clouds, streaking across the skies Marches taking strange shapes, sometimes of mushroom clouds that rise from the hills,that reminded him of one of the events that have marked not only the history in Japan but throughout the twentieth century. I saw for the first time since partition of the study by Roberto Coda Zabetta at sunset, a white cloud rising from the hill, shaped a mushroom cloud ... At that moment, I saw and I understood for the first time."



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