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Vincenzo Maccarone

Direttore Artistico
Claudio Composti

Via Malaga 4
20143 Milano
citofono 72

How to reach us:
MM2 Romolo - P.ta Genova (green line)
+ bus 74 - 47 (stop: P.za Bilbao);
Filobus 90/91 (stop: viale Cassala)

tel/fax +39 02 87280910
E-mail: mc2gallery@gmail.com

Open: From Wednesday to Saturday
Hours: 15-19
13 July 2010 - 30 July 2010

Curated by Claudio Composti

Tuesday 13th July 2010
18:30 - 21:00
in collaboration with: Videa CDE Rome,Fabbrica Eos Milan, BoxArt Verona, PaciArte Brescia, theCollectiveShift New York, Jarach Gallery Venice

Viale Col di Lana, 8 (4┬░cortile)
20136 Milano

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mc2gallery closes its first season with a collective HIDEntities. 11 international artists for an exhibition that touches on a sensitive issue such as loss of identity, starting from the most painful manifestation of this loss, Alzheimer's, but without making a direct reference. Simone Bergantini, Liu Bolin, Alessandro Bulgini, Gianluca Chiodi, John Clang, Franca Giovanrosa, Michal Macku, Giuseppe Mastromatteo, Rohn Meijer, Patrizia Novello, Patrizia Zelano. So what is identity? The complex web of social relationships and emotional ties us to people and society, according to approved schemes and languages lived? 11 artists, 11 ways to interpret the identity that goes to... sometimes lost due to illness, sometimes destroyed for political reasons ... sometimes sacrificed in the name of a community. During the exhibition, will be projected images of the beautiful movie " Away From Her - "Away From Her" - Sarah Polley (2008), distributed in Italy by CDE Videa, Rome.

Exhibition's works

mc2gallery mc2gallery mc2gallery
mc2gallery mc2gallery mc2gallery


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Via Malaga 4, 20143 Milano - ITALIA

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